Choose your very own card cover from a variety of themes.

Choose the right card design for yourself from a wide selection, and you already have your own personalized LiMo Card.

Monthly fixed income and standing costs.

To enable you to keep a grip on your finances at all times, you can quickly and easily record your monthly fixed income, such as your salary, as well as standing costs, rent, and insurance etc. here. You only need enter the information once, and it will be deducted automatically each month.

Annual statistics overview.

The annual statistics give you a precise overview of past months.

Saving targets overview.

The saving targets overview provides an opportunity to get a detailed review of already saved income and the share remaining to save. The detailed overview of each saving target is accessible just by clicking on the column.

How’s your liquidity?

The funds available to you are indicated in liquid form on the front of your LiMo Card. This sophisticated representation means that, no matter where you are, you can always tell your liquidity at any given moment. Click the LiMo Card three times for brief information about your current assets and your saving targets.

The LiMo Card makes dreams come true.

Create a saving target such as a trip, a car or your dream purchase, fix a target amount and a monthly sum to save, and you are already one step closer to achieving your dream. The saving targets you record are turned into virtual accounts on your LiMo Card. As soon as you reach a saving target, the funds are added back on to the credit on the card, and you are then free to make that purchase.

Clear management of your ongoing income and expenses.

It is quick and easy to record your ongoing expenses, such as ATM withdrawals and goods purchases, as well as one-off income such as tax rebates.

Account statement included.

Your personal account statement presents you with a wide range of possibilities. For instance, you can send yourself data via e-mail to your PC and delete or amend entries as well as add comments to money transfers. The account statement also shows you your available balance at any time.

Download now from the AppStore.

Available on the iPhone AppStore

The LiMo Card is not linked to any bank account, so it does not matter where you hold your bank account. It is suitable for everyone who does not want to live on credit, and who would like to keep an eye on their financial situation quickly and easily. The LiMo Card App is now available in the iTunes store. Download it now and bring transparency to your finances.

In Switzerland, the app is only available at Valiant.